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Ganjagram: The App That Gets You High & Legal


Photographer and friend of FIRST, Varun Baker, also happens to be a mobile app developer. And Varun smokes a little weed. Formerly of /slashroots his current project Ganjagram aims to one day connect buyers with growers of Jamaica’s highest grades.

Of all the apps to make, why this?
For most people there’s a grey area around Ganja and the Law in Jamaica right now. I did this because I spotted the opportunity and thought we need this. I think many people in Jamaica are getting caught up in all the things the government is not doing for Ganja in terms of communicating information. I see it as an opportunity to do it myself and the result was this app on Ganja and the Law in Jamaica by Ganjagram. It’s just like a free handy guide you can fit in your pocket.

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I am: Carlyle Gabbidon, Manager of Deaf Can! Coffee

Deaf Can! Coffee’s Carlyle Gabbidon

Deaf Can! Coffee’s Carlyle Gabbidon is a 27-year-old barista who’ll roast and brew you a cup of the good stuff with more feeling, more flavour than anyone else in Kingston.

Our logo is the Jamaican Sign Language for “coffee,” two fists stacked on each other, with the top hand rotating clockwise around the bottom fist. Imagine a hand held grinding mechanism where you manually had to rotate the shaft to grind coffee beans. For those who do not know the sign for coffee, we added the image of a coffee cup.

The text “Deaf Can” is at our core. Deaf people CAN DO anything that hearing people can do. The exclamation mark (!) is a critical component of our logo as it captures the emphasis of facial expression and body language expressed in JSL that cannot be shown by text. The colour and free flowing design of the ! is the trademark artistic touch put into every caffe latte we serve.

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