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10 things from FIRST you missed but shouldn't…

That was really the whole point of FIRST, a chance to show what we in Jamaica should already know, that apart from picking coconuts and murdering each other there remains some other stuff worth talking about and some pretty weird stuff.

Once in print and in-between online there’s a few things you may have missed that we think you ought to check out:

Fit birds. We’re superficial and so are you dear readers. Easily the most popular thing to do on this site is admire the beauty of Jamaican women: beginning back in 2008 with Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillips. Click here and scroll to the bottom of this post to view links to links to all our photo shoots (and they’re still young eh!).

Sherman Escoffery AKA @DatNiggaSherman. Definitely the least beautiful thing on the site, Sherman represents the disenfranchised, patriotic Diaspora who get more frustrated each time they return to JA. Still, he’s got a point, or so the Sunday Gleaner thought so after they deemed this, his latest effort, worthy of their ‘Letter of the Day’ last weekend.

Our print archive: printed four issues deep 2004-5 we’re still pretty proud of it (any investor with balls enough, email and we’d love your $ to do some more). Click here to download the redux versions of the four issues in PDF format.

Thursday Night at the Fights: that insane ‘community boxing’ event that used to be held in Denham Town. We went down there several times, inspiring this photo essay and latterly, the video, some of which also got broadcast via BBC. Any news on whether they managed to start it back?

Not sure if enough of you have seen this recent video of ‘Gad Reds’, one of Kingston’s more characterful studio-hanger-ons, found at Downsound during the filming of DiMaggio: The Last Don. He’s a star and more so when that far gone…

The Trouble with Clovis: love him or hate him, and they do in equal amounts, we rate Clovis Brown as Jamaica’s #1 shit-stirrer next to Mutty. It’d be a far poorer country without either of them. Anyway, Clovis explained to us one day what makes him tick, tick, tick…


We upped some pretty damn delicious food features with our chef friend Julius. We called the feature ‘Food Lust’, and the photos don’t lie, from beef tenderloin to steam fish, the dishes DID taste that good. He’s not your usual caterer

Some of favourite spots that we enjoy across the island, taking in the likes of St Bess, Portland and not forgetting the capital, but most of all its intended for our international readers: get out, see the island and relax…and then buy us a drink in thanks.


Death in Tivoli Gardens, a photo essay. Simply because we can’t forget that killing like this still happens in Jamaica, and often.

Artist Christopher Irons interviewed by Annie Paul: he bites the heads off chickens, say no more…


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