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Biggie at 17

Spike Jonze’s ‘green-screen’ technique

The AK-47 at 60

A surreal mix of capitalism and communism surrounds the AK-47 on the rifle’s 60th anniversary in Moscow.
VIDEO : The AK-47 at 60, The New York Times

Cuba’s Housing Boom

Photo: Jose Goitia for The New York Times
HAVANA — Virtually every square foot of this capital city is owned by the socialist state, which would seem sure to put a damper on the buying and selling of property… But the people of Havana, it turns out, are as obsessed with real estate as, say, [...]

Jean-Paul Goude’s iconic ‘Grace Jones’

The arabesque that Grace Jones is executing in this 1978 photograph/artistic creation may be graceful, but it is also impossible.