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Nagi Noda – Yuki and Acid Punch

Le Grand Content: The Philosophy of PowerPoint

Le Grand Content examines the omnipresent Powerpoint-culture in search for its philosophical potential.

Don Hertzfeldt


Brent Stirton’s Gorilla Killings

Bukima, Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo, July 2007.
Conservation Rangers from an Anti-Poaching unit work with locals to evacuate the bodies of four Mountain Gorillas killed in mysterious circumstances in the park, Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo, 24 July 2007.
A Silver-Back Alpha male, the leader of the group was shot, three females were also killed. Two [...]

Brent Stirton’s Narco-wars in Afghanistan

Opium production currently accounts for around 45% of the GDP of Afghanistan, an astonishing statistic that sees Afghanistan as the world’s largest producer of illegal opium, supplying 93% of the world’s consumption. The Drug industry affects all levels of life in Afghanistan and is linked to politics, religion, endemic corruption, the economy of entire regions [...]