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The Great Brother Theodore, 1985

Brother Theodore (1906 -2001) was a German monologuist and comedian known for rambling, stream of consciousness dialogues which he called “stand up tragedy.”
He was born Theodore Gottlieb into a wealthy family in Düsseldorf, Germany, where his father was a magazine publisher. Theodore attended the University of Cologne. Under Nazi rule, he was imprisoned at [...]

Foodlust: Recipe No.1 Satay Jerk Chicken with Hoisin

A spicy new fusion of Jamaican/Asian cuisine, this recipe is intended for large gatherings and intimate dinner parties when typical Jerk fare is simply not enough. – J
Julius’ Original Satay Jerk Chicken with Hoisin

Nokia 1112: The Corolla of Cellphones

You can drop it a thousand times. Bury it in the sand. Throw it at a wall. Use it as a weapon or take the back off and use it to scratch mosquito bites. It’s the Nokia 1112, a phone seemingly made for the Caribbean.
It’s cheap ($US39); comes in two colours (grey and white), [...]

Somewhere off the Coast…

A gambler, Miss Jamaica, a fish and a Hasselblad.

Photography by Peter Dean Rickards
Makeup/ Styling: Georgette Smith,, +1876.332.7273
Bathing Suits by The Mushroom – 28 Oxford Terrace, KGN 5,,, +1876 -926-5581
Custom-fitted diamond fronts: Jawels/Tiffany Edwards,,, +1876 4724745
Special thanks to Yendi Phillipps (the first Miss Jamaica to wear diamond teeth?), Mickey Hill and Sadita Graham.
If [...]

Thursday Night at the Fights!

Photography by Peter Dean Rickards

On a Thursday Night in the middle of the concrete jungle, the Lions come out to play. Already notorious for its garrison politics, this particular downtown community cements its reputation by adding brute sport to its list of attributes. Unyielding to outside authority, its proud residents are often misunderstood by outsiders [...]