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The Miracle Berry: Native to Jamaica

Imagine an extract from a berry that would make sour things taste sweet and help you lose weight. Then imagine not being allowed to take it.
The world is getting fatter. One billion people are overweight, and 300 million of those are clinically obese.
The search is always on for replacements for those things that, eaten in [...]

Traditional boxing in Nigeria

Traditional boxing from northern Nigeria is fast, brutal, and has few rules.
The men who dedicate their lives to it are wanderers, itinerant labourers in search of fame, or the sons of boxers – born into the ring.
“Dembe”, as it is called in Hausa, is exceedingly dangerous. Serious injury, and even death, are a real risk.
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Snoop and Willie Nelson, Live in Amsterdam?

Must be the drugs…(visuals start at 28 seconds).

Jim Brown is still dead, isn’t he?

Photograph: Busy Signal, Peter Dean Rickards
And so, it would seem, is Lester Lloyd Coke, as Jim Brown was identified in dozens of U.S. and Jamaican police files. Still, on walls all around Kingston, the graffiti say FREE JIM BROWN, the alias he rode to the top of the Jamaican capital’s drug -fueled slums. To his [...]

The Digital Artwork of Yukio Miyamoto

Leica Camera, Adobe Illustrator “Outline Mode” & “Preview Mode”