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Usain Bolt breaks 100m record: Jamaica owns it, again!

It’s official, Jamaica again owns the 100m world record after Usain Bolt today ran 9.72 seconds to beat compatriot Asafa Powell’s previous world record of 9.74.
He was running at the Reebok grand prix meeting at Icahn Stadium, New York, and beat 100m world champion Tyson Gay of the United States into second with a time [...]

Drug wars push up Mexican murder rate up nearly 50 per cent

The morgue in Tijuana is filling up. The 1,021 bodies admitted in the first four months of 2008 is double the number of last year.
Meanwhile the national murder rate has increased by 47 per cent.
“It went on for about three hours without stopping. There were about 300 police and later the army came. There were [...]

Tracy Morgan was a barbershop poster model?

Been meaning to photograph this this one each time I visit the barbershop. Isn’t that Tracy Morgan…with the S-curl?

Night Stand, a short story by Daniel Woodrow

What to do when you find an uninvited naked man in your room…Knife him.

The worst porn acting, so bad it’s good

Directors that wanted to make ‘respectable’ pornographic movies, but all they did was make people laugh, at them.
More cheesiness HERE