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Don’t shoot the blacks with cameras!

First just got back from the United States. Took some photos and no problems, not once…

Source: Flickr via Reddit

Jamaica has a new telecomms monopoly – claims MiPhone

When Digicel arrived to break-up the lousy Cable & Wireless monopoly we all cheered. And now, “I can badly hear what your saying…my credit just ran out!”
All along MiPhone has been a sleepy third place company. But that was until the world’s second richest man Carlos Slim of America Movil (AMX) – Bill Gates is [...]

Back when the Caribbean looked classy to tourists

A long, long time before butu tourism. So old they were actually encouraging them to come to Kingston. has a wide range of vintage tourism posters from here and the Caribbean, especially Cuba.
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Source: BNN

Harry Belafonte is one great Jamaican (documentary)

Schooled in Kingston, Harry Belafonte went on to break billboard records in the US while introducing Caribbean music; became a Hollywood star and perhaps above all, his role in the Civil Rights Struggle. A speech he gave here the other week merely reminded us of the stature of the man.
And today we have the deejays…

When the Mafia ran Cuba (documentary)

Before Castro took over, the Americans preferred the Mafia to run the place. They controlled tourism – an industry which Cuba has only returned to in recent years – and made fortunes promoting the island as a place to lose your inhibitions.
The CIA even hired them to help kill Castro.
This three-part documentary maybe in [...]