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Girl Friday: The Quiet Racquel Jones

Photographed June 2009 in Kingston. This set featuring the beautifully beligerent Jamaican poet, writer and reluctant model is called ‘The Quiet’ for a reason: just try telling Jones to be quiet and you’ll see what we mean.

Steely & Clevie’s Silverhawk relaunches in Kingston

Tonight at Medusa’s the legendary Silverhawk Sound makes a return to the musical landscape.
For the uninitiated, Silverhawk was the original mouthpiece for the creative powerhouse team of Steely and Clevie, and one of the first Jamaican sounds to voice and play dubplates as a clash tactic when most sound systems were still using [...]

Before Jamaicans associated the JPS with the devil…

There was ‘Reddy’, the lightning-bolt legs, lightbulb-nose, wall-socket ears man.

The Last Don X 2010 Reggae Film Festival

Last Don documentary by FIRST team members screens at Reggae Film Festival at Hilton Hotel tomorrow.

Jamaican tales of expatriate life and death

Expats really live a nice life. Nice house uptown, nice SUV and lots of girls looking for visas. But were you reading Harper’s Magazine in 1861, things would’ve seemed a lot worse…