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Jamaica World Cinema Showcase X The Last Don

The Jamaica World Cinema Showcase will present three movies each night, for the generous price of $1,000 (pre-sold) $1,200 at the gate. And the price includes free wine, as much as you can drink!
Beginning tomorrow the show runs for three days until Saturday at Finnigan’s Winery, 5 Cranbourne Avenue, Kingston. The event also includes the [...]

Win the lottery in Jamaica? Get a beard.

Beg yu a bills nuh?
Like many Jamaicans FIRST kind of gave up buying Lotto tickets after the US$240 million went ‘unclaimed’. And like Jamaicans are want to do, FIRST had ‘invested’ significant $ in this particular ponzi scheme only to come out like we all had in Cash Plus and Olint.
So today we do [...]

10 things from FIRST you missed but shouldn’t…

That was really the whole point of FIRST, a chance to show what we in Jamaica should already know, that apart from picking coconuts and murdering each other there remains some other stuff worth talking about and some pretty weird stuff.
Once in print and in-between online there’s a few things you may have missed [...]

Jamaica nuff problems…by Sherman

Successive administrations have mismanaged, misappropriated and now this administration has finally sold Air Jamaica. I am disappointed but I understand the need to get rid of the national airline. It has been such a financial drain on Jamaica for so long. Why should we be angry now?

Three questions for Jamaican DJ’s from ‘bigblackbarry’

Call us miserable but some things really need to be said about the music, it’s been bad for a while and it’s getting worse. In fact, have we already reached the point where all new artists are either generic ex-dancers or ‘i-insert-authentic-Rasta-name’?
It wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that our music is what [...]