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FIRST People: Sara Lawrence

Sara Lawrence. Proud mother, former Miss Jamaica World (2006) and soon-to-be medical doctor speaks candidly to FIRST about her career and lack of sleep.

“Am I the only person who feels sorry for Bruce?”

Probably you are I told Afflicted. On one hand Bruce Golding’s become the fall guy for decades of garrison politics from both parties but on the other hand, he did lie.
And then, our Prime Minister was the politician who famously distanced himself from garrison politics far, far over the hill with the National Democratic Movement. [...]

Jamaica’s great hypocritical outrage

Jamaica has become a violent and heartless country where most people have become desensitised to things that would make people in civilised places pass out. Something is blatantly wrong but everyone goes on with their daily life like everything is fine, wake up my people and smell the stench of death around us.
We need to [...]

Propel: New work by Laura Facey

Exhibition opening May 23 at ROKTOWA, 11- 4pm. Entrance is on Pechon St, downtown Kingston (opposite the old railway station). Laura will be doing a collaboration with the Haitian artists – a nine night for the victims of the earthquake with installation.