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A reminder: How sports pushed the Civil Rights agenda

Two new children’s books tell the story of how Negro League baseball, led by the great Jackie Robinson, broke down racial boundaries in America and predated the end of the Jim Crow races laws.


Something worth teaching your own family about, regardless of whether we care anything for baseball in Jamaica, which we don’t. It might be something else to motivate themselves away from the TV, out playing sport and all because they read about it in a book.

As much as the stigma of black people as prominent only on a stage or sports field rankles, it’s worth remembering sport did more than merely complement the Civil Rights Movement.

Blacks were banned from America’s national game in 1884. But sixty years later that argument was broken when Robinson signed with the LA Dodgers.

No Jackie, no Kobe.

Reviewed by the New York Times are Kadir Nelson’s We are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball (see illustration above) and Striking Out Jim Crow by Satchel Paige.

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