“With its unlikely juxtaposition of ghetto reportage, shamelessly glam fashion shoots and whimsical photo essays, FIRST is an inspired oddity that flouts conventional magazine wisdom while keeping production values high.” Vanity Fair, December 2005

Graphic Ads – CPM Pricing**

* 728 x 90 IMU (Top banner, above site logo): $11 CPM
* 160 x 600 IMU (Skyscraper, right sidebar): $10 CPM
* 160 x 160 IMU (Button, right sidebar): $8 CPM

Discounts are available for first time advertisers and larger buys/longer runs.

** CPM stands for ‘cost per thousand so for example having your advertisement viewed 10,000 times on First at a CPM rate of $10 would cost $100 ($10 per every 1000 views).

Private placement advertisements not tied to the CPM rate and footer/sidebar text ads are also available.

Payment. Our minimum purchase of $500 is payable by check or wire transfer prior to running your advertisement. Contact: to make arrangements.

All prices quoted are US$ or equivalent.

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