"Am I the only person who feels sorry for Bruce?"

Probably you are I told Afflicted. On one hand Bruce Golding’s become the fall guy for decades of garrison politics from both parties but on the other hand, he did lie.

And then, our Prime Minister was the politician who famously distanced himself from garrison politics far, far over the hill with the National Democratic Movement. Well, until he wanted the top job and had to rejoin the Jamaica Labour Party to get it.

And so he took up the ultimate JLP garrison seat of West Kingston. And after a massive tropical storms and recession (c’mon the poor guy’s just salt!), the United States (bigger hypocrites) make a move for Dudus, the biggest Don of the party they helped arm during the Cold War.

Poor Bruce, all alone as a one man fable for the failure of Jamaican society and politics. It sucks being left on your own. How about the other 59 MPs join him in purgatory?

Today’s tweets by @afflictedyard (marginally more sense than Daryl Vaz):

  • RT @bruceJLP: Am I the only person who feels sorry for Bruce…? /via @afflictedyard•Nah you can be damn sure I feel sorry for myself…
  • Nayga dem run up and dung with AK rifle and big up Prezzi at dance and uptown brown girl a dance to dat…#hypocrites
  • Since most people see Dudus as Jamaican Robin Hood why dem vexx now that the Sherrif hire big lawyer fi defend against Yankee badmine?
  • But Bruce a defend di Prezident and if him nuh hire big lawyer fi him di people a go call him battyman at dancehall session
  • So Bruce is a PARIAH because 1) he defend Don that the people big up every day 2) Peter Phillips seh he’s a Liard 3) Dancehall CD nah sell

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Jamaica’s great hypocritical outrage by Sherman (Sherman in farin who don’t like Bruce)


8 thoughts on “"Am I the only person who feels sorry for Bruce?"

  1. Sherman Escoffery says:

    Bruce make Omar Davis and Portia Simpson look competent, He is a shame to the good good brown people of Jamaica.

  2. Don Malvo says:

    “Am I the only person who feels sorry for Bruce?”

    Yup. BTW, yu lef off “four yeye duppy” from di pikcha bredrin.

  3. Elyana says:

    I think maybe his wife is probably sorry for him and possibly his children but the rest of us just can’t muster it. To tell you the truth I don’t know why I feel so disrespected when he is not the first politician who has lied to us but dis one bare face bad. To add salt to the wound, the Info Minister was audacious enough to say the PM was forthright and honest. Maybe a dat grieve me still.

  4. Don Malvo says:

    “there is no one alive who could make portia or omar look competent . We are pretty much screwed”

    Sorry, bullshit. Omar Davies grew the Jamaican economy through two US recessions. Barely, but it was growth. Portia’s 18-month stewardship was better by every metric than Bruce’s current mismanagement, even before the recession that he and Shaw assured us “wouldn’t affect the country”.

    Know you’re disappointed in who you voted for and all (not me, I actually took the time to learn Jamaican history before voting, so I knew exactly what to expect from this government), but please present concrete evidence that Portia Simpson-Miller’s administration was inferior in any way to this one.

  5. Leighton Smith says:

    Incompetence arrogance lies and stupidity a recipe For disaster . could the Labour party not shield there Kings maker any better MMMMM sad day for Jamaica land we love.
    Eternal father bless our land da da da da da da ect
    JUSTICE TRUTH be ours for ever Thanks Bruce you gave a new interpretation to the anthem . Or should we now be singing the Labour party anthem “Equal lies and jus shit”

  6. david Mcneil says:

    Mr Golding is/was either in collusion with Mr Coke and thus guilty of criminality, or he is irresponsible for putting Jamaica at risk by refusing for 9 months to extradite Dudus. He made Dudus more important than the people of Jamaica.
    Then w/o any additional evidence being given to him, he turned around and did what any honest man would have done in the first place. Nine months for the criminals of Tivoli to prepare themselves.
    Dudus might be guilty- yes, some Tivolites might be guilty- yes. But some of those killed were not gunmen and they were sacrificed by Golding’s culpability and stupidity.
    Golding must GO!

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