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RCA Vehicle Design 2008

Who’d have thunk it? An art school whose graduates don’t end up dead in a crackhouse!

Indeed, with RCA alumni like Peter Horbury (who brought Volvo back from the edge) and Peter Schreyer who designed the original Audi TT, suddenly the idea of ditching dentistry for design classes may not mean the automatic disinheritance you were expecting. That is, if you can draw cars and don’t colour them outside of the lines.

See what we’re talking about by looking at these submissions from RCA students to the 2008 Pilkington Automotive Vehicle Design Awards. Pretty interesting designs even if you get the feeling that they would look a lot better if there were girls in metal bikini’s standing near them.

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Source: Wallpaper

Technology & Web

E10 ethanol gasoline coming to Jamaica, finally, really?

Jamaica’s energy policy works like this: Say you’re going to do something, take years thinking about it, set a date, miss that deadline, miss the next one, then decide…actually this isn’t appropriate for Jamaica. Long overdue: E10 ethanol gasoline. Proof at the pumps expected mid-2009.

Hybrid cars also in Jamaica…not cheap though.

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Source: Jamaica Observer

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Anti-corruption in Jamaica and Dougie Chamber’s death

What is Jamaica doing, asks the Economist magazine. After all corruption has been draining this country. The new government made it a central theme of their election campaign and so Dougie Chambers was given his remit at JUTC: Remove padded staff and stop them stealing fares. He got killed for it.

Is there hope for us, at all? But as the Economist noticed about the local private sector, their spineless offer of a US$7,000 reward won’t take us very far.

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Source: The Economist