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Three questions for Jamaican DJ's from 'bigblackbarry'

Call us miserable but some things really need to be said about the music, it’s been bad for a while and it’s getting worse. In fact, have we already reached the point where all new artists are either generic ex-dancers or ‘i-insert-authentic-Rasta-name’?

It wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that our music is what makes us known around the world: good or increasingly bad. The retarded spectacle of a deejay in tight pants preening onstage with his mantourage burning out gays. It won’t sell and it will get you banned…

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Not another Jamaican t-shirt, by seen.

Superficially, Jamaicans and Germany are an unlikely combination. But then the Germans could do with a bit of colour and unpredictability and we just need to buy things that work… like BMWs (that test the very limits of vehicle suspension), or free t-shirts from our good German friends at seen. Continue reading


Downtown shootout: Jamaica on edge

The country was on edge yesterday as rumours started lighting up, first on cellphones, and then the radio, of a shootout in Denham Town, West Kingston. The speculation was wild: had Jamaican security forces finally made a move for Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke in neighbouring Tivoli Gardens?

Everyone was nervous. While we shrug at the daily list of fatal police-gunman shootouts, this was Tivoli. The worst ‘incursion’ by security forces had left 27 dead in 2001. Now of course, the United States wants to extradite Dudus, and removing him, likely by force, threatens a repeat of Mogadishu.

It’s this situation that should remind us how close we’ve been to the edge for a long, long time.

And yet we’re a ‘narco-state’, an island where politicians-criminals-businessman can at times be indistinguishable, except by public pretense. These few photographs were taken while FIRST was downtown today, and in the event, quickly. You’d find these images okay, in your community? Continue reading