An account of child trafficking in West Africa

What to say? Well I went simply because I was asked to go by Anti-Slavery International, who are actually the world’s oldest human rights organisation.

At that time, in 2001, I was anxious to redirect my career – it was a year after an emergency heart operation and I felt that I wanted to get away from my commercial work and try and get back to the photojournalistic work which I had first started doing back in the early 1970s. So the enquiry seemed like the answer to my prayer.

The movement of children amongst families is not new. What has changed is the introduction of a commercial element where people give the parents money and then promise to look after the child.

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Art & Design

Jimi Hendrix, 1967


The shot of Jimi Hendrix was taken on February 11, 1967 after his gig at the Blue Moon Club in Cheltenham, England. Hendrix had come to the country in September and at this early stage he was playing small gigs at local clubs. That night he was understandably unhappy having been paid just £30 for the night, covering him, his band, and the journey to and from London (£10 was average weekly wage in those days).

He was sitting in a filthy cramped backstage storeroom and I remember sitting in the sink to take the photograph because that was the only space left.