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Bible being translated into patois as debate rumbles on

We think it’s a little strange that despite the many challenges facing our education sector that some people want to take what is an oral tradition, Jamaican patois, and turn it into a written language. Translators are needed for the US$1 million project that could take 12 years to complete.

Read more (not yet in patois) HERE


Source: Howard Campbell/Associated Press


One thought on “Bible being translated into patois as debate rumbles on

  1. Hmmmm. Either that article took a lot of quotes out of helpful context or pretty much everyone they interviewed isn’t very bright. (Eg.”Sacredness is not in how the Bible is written,” he said. “It’s what it stands for.” — Maybe if Mr. Karl Johnson had said this in patois it would have made more sense? The Bible is what it is because it’s supposedly the *Word* of God. Someone needs to repeat Sunday School.)

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