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Building your dream Caribbean home? Make it an igloo

While this does sound insane, one Jamaican company is marketing prefabricated igloo-style homes. Apparently they’re a practical solution to hurricanes and require little maintenance, claim Caribbean Tropical Igloo Homes (CTIH).


They’re also supposed to be energy efficient. Fanchised from the United States, several hundred of the homes have already been put up in that country.

Prices begin at J$5.5 million for a three-bedroom igloo. You’ll just have to find your own land. Good luck with Kingston land prices.

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2 thoughts on “Building your dream Caribbean home? Make it an igloo

  1. Quammie says:

    Is this company still existant? I’ve tried their website but it doesnt seem to go anywhere and i’ve found no contact information for them.


  2. Mikaela says:

    I am also curious as to whether the company still existent and how to contact them. I’ve found no further info online.


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