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Not another Jamaican t-shirt, by seen.

Superficially, Jamaicans and Germany are an unlikely combination. But then the Germans could do with a bit of colour and unpredictability and we just need to buy things that work… like BMWs (that test the very limits of vehicle suspension), or free t-shirts from our good German friends at seen. Continue reading

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Wicker furniture unlike your grandparents'

The FIRST office has been kind of bare, actually it’s been more like an empty room with a table and chair. But as for wicker furniture, that something we remember as being from an older generation, surviving weather-beaten but still white-painted on your grandparents’ patio or in resort accommodation that saw better days in the 1970s.

Or… Continue reading

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FIRST People: Devon Gordon's art of extreme patience

Artist Devon Gordon. Photography: Biggy Biggz

Driving through Arnett Gardens we noticed a long stretch of graffiti on one side of Greenwich Park Road. Glancing across to the other side we glimpsed this amazing mural, maybe 40-foot long, and stretching from one side of a building to the other.

That being a lazy day we’d actually been filling time looking for new murals south of Cross Roads and found nothing. But this was something else: made of blocks, the wall hadn’t just been painted but the shapes and faces also hand-carved into it.

While we stared at it like tourists, artist Devon Gordon soon appeared; chisel and sandpaper in hand. Despite his talents, Gordon remains unemployed and so lacks the funds he needs to buy the remaining paint.

“Could be done in a couple of months,” he shrugged. Continue reading

Art & Design

RCA Vehicle Design 2008

Who’d have thunk it? An art school whose graduates don’t end up dead in a crackhouse!

Indeed, with RCA alumni like Peter Horbury (who brought Volvo back from the edge) and Peter Schreyer who designed the original Audi TT, suddenly the idea of ditching dentistry for design classes may not mean the automatic disinheritance you were expecting. That is, if you can draw cars and don’t colour them outside of the lines.

See what we’re talking about by looking at these submissions from RCA students to the 2008 Pilkington Automotive Vehicle Design Awards. Pretty interesting designs even if you get the feeling that they would look a lot better if there were girls in metal bikini’s standing near them.

See the doodles HERE


Source: Wallpaper