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The Sweet Vandals make the greatest ever car ad music

An unlikely car, the Fiat Bravo and an even more unlikely band, the Sweet Vandals. They’re from Spain, she sings in English but…it’s just great.

If the ad’s not enough you can listen to the full length version of the song Beautiful HERE; or their live session on Spanish TV HERE.

Funky Spaniards


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66 drives

Here’s something completely random. A series of ‘vector portraits’ featuring people in their cars…doing stuff. Kissing, reading, some even driving.

According to the photographer, a guy named Andrew Bush, all the images were taken between 1989-1997 ‘while travelling 50 to 70 mph in Los Angeles and other parts of the Southwestern United States’. Groovy.

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Art & Design

Pirelli’s greatest hits

How great is the world’s most exclusive girly calendar? Pretty great if you can get goddesses like Adriana Lima to show off their good parts. And this from Pirelli, a company known almost as much for manufacturing car tires. We definitely likes.

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Source: Funtasicus

Official Pirelli calendar site: