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FIRST People: Sara Lawrence

Sara Lawrence. Proud mother, former Miss Jamaica World (2006) and soon-to-be medical doctor speaks candidly to FIRST about her career and lack of sleep.

National Gallery of Jamaica X FIRST

The Art A[u]ction for Haiti Committee, in association with the Edna Manley Foundation, the National Gallery of Jamaica, Hi-Qo Galleries, Harmony Hall, the Mutual Gallery and Art Centre, and Roktowa, is pleased to present: Art A[u]ction for Haiti, a fundraiser to assist with the recovery of the Haitian art world.
Included in the auction will [...]

Return to the Trembling Heart: Grand Rue, Port-au-Prince

Three months after the earthquake that devastated our neighbouring island of Haiti, 22-year-old Haitian writer/filmmaker Claudel ‘Zaka’ Chery takes FIRST on a short tour around Grand Rue, a main street running through the heart of the commercial district in Port au Prince.
Zaka is part of a collective of Haitian artists who have been chosen to [...]

Girl Friday…in the Sunday Observer

If you were missing FIRST’s Girl Friday this week, it was for a good reason – today’s spread in the Sunday Observer featuring Oreinthia Russell. See the rest of the images after the jump.

10 things from FIRST you missed but shouldn’t…

That was really the whole point of FIRST, a chance to show what we in Jamaica should already know, that apart from picking coconuts and murdering each other there remains some other stuff worth talking about and some pretty weird stuff.
Once in print and in-between online there’s a few things you may have missed [...]