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Jamaica World Cinema Showcase X The Last Don

The Jamaica World Cinema Showcase will present three movies each night, for the generous price of $1,000 (pre-sold) $1,200 at the gate. And the price includes free wine, as much as you can drink!
Beginning tomorrow the show runs for three days until Saturday at Finnigan’s Winery, 5 Cranbourne Avenue, Kingston. The event also includes the [...]

10 things from FIRST you missed but shouldn’t…

That was really the whole point of FIRST, a chance to show what we in Jamaica should already know, that apart from picking coconuts and murdering each other there remains some other stuff worth talking about and some pretty weird stuff.
Once in print and in-between online there’s a few things you may have missed [...]

The Great White Caribbean Cruise

Tread were Columbus trod, while avoiding any unwanted non-sexual contact with the natives. Gone are the golden days of the Great Whites…

Moving Mountains X The Last Don

Talked about but rarely seen (last time thanks to a bizarre power outage), DiMaggio: The Last Don will be screened again this Saturday at Moving Mountains, a three day music showcase featuring local and international dance deejays, high up in the Blue Mountains at Strawberry Hill Hotel.

Tourist watching in Negril

Jamaica loves its tourists. Even in economically strained times, there’s no denying that the tourism industry feeds many people, and in return the industry feeds right back, much to the delight of sunseekers, Reggae enthusiasts, weedhead students and Stella’s of all shapes and sizes all looking to get their proverbial grooves back.
Not surprisingly, Jamaica’s [...]