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Greasy Independence on Coney Island

July 4, Coney Island, New York.

It’s a muggy 90 degrees near Rockaway beach when I finally made it to the front of Nathan’s Famous on Surf Avenue. I had just missed the annual hot dog eating contest ( defending champion Joey Chestnut won in overtime) and there was a huge wad purple chewing gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

Looking around at the throngs of people, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff all going on at once in such a seemingly crammed space. Not that Coney Island is small, but the crowds on this July 4 Friday seem to engulf everything in its path. The rickety rides, the ticket booths, the boardwalk and even the beach itself are awash with New Yorkers, New Jerseyers and what appears to be their entire extended families. A bluish haze hangs over the crowd right down to the beach where thousands of umbrellas are clustered together, growing thicker in density as I walk towards to water. Continue reading

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Buy a home in Jamaica: Gated community only US$1.6m

But then that will get you a four-bedroom, four-bath villa with ocean views and a pool in a gated community in Montego Bay.

Most houses in Jamaica have outdoor space, pools, gazebos or patios edged in bougainvillea.

I live in Kingston with a door and some windows.

But you’re rich? Look HERE


Source: International Herald Tribune

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New York City summer means Jamaican Jerk

From jerk pans in Prospect Park, Brooklyn to a jerk van in Manhattan, Jamaica’s signature dish is all over the Big Apple. After all jerk, with its unique balance of flavours is one of the world’s great BBQ traditions, reasons the New York Times.

Oh, and they also compiled some Jamaican recipes.

“You have to taste that scallion, taste that fresh herb, taste that Scotch bonnet…You can’t just throw some sauce on grilled chicken and call it jerk.”

Read more and view slideshow HERE

Photograph: Jennifer May/New York Times

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Japanese latte art…yes, in your coffee

From the country that imports 90 per cent of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. But what does it taste like?

What’s crazy about this, apart from the Japanese, is that despite making the world’s best coffee, we don’t really feel to drink it here. Instead we have those Nescafe machines at gas stations.

But gradually we’re importing a coffee culture, with a number of coffee places opening up in New Kingston and uptown…because you can’t sport a Blackberry without an accompanying mini-thermos.

For instance the Cannonball Café chain is pretty good and offers wireless Internet and serves Old Tavern, the best coffee we’ve ever had.