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Andrea Levy's Long Story

Through a succession of novels Andrea Levy has recounted the experience of Jamaicans in Britain stretching back to the days of the Empire Windrush, with her most acclaimed work, Small Island – now serialised on BBC television.

Her recently published novel, the Long Story, goes back further to an early 19th century slave plantation and the years before emancipation. Haven’t read it yet but given her previous work you’d expect it to be another valuable insight into this shared history: good and bad.

Read the review in the UK Daily Telegraph: HERE

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Toni Ungerer of the Three Robbers

French-born illustrator Toni Ungerer made children’s books with names like ‘The Three Robbers’ – that and other work about weird erotica.

Ungerer just thought children should be credited with having a slightly darker view of the world.

His work is undergoing a revival at the moment. Publishers Phaidon are reprinting his books while the Weinstein brothers are making an animated film version of ‘Robbers’.

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Source: New York Times

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Bible being translated into patois as debate rumbles on

We think it’s a little strange that despite the many challenges facing our education sector that some people want to take what is an oral tradition, Jamaican patois, and turn it into a written language. Translators are needed for the US$1 million project that could take 12 years to complete.

Read more (not yet in patois) HERE


Source: Howard Campbell/Associated Press

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Hunter S Thompson: A documentary

Writer of the great Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. More troublesome in his day than Jon Stewart and to think Thompson never even had his own TV show.

He is credited as the creator of Gonzo journalism, a style of reporting where reporters involve themselves in the action to such a degree that they become the central figures of their stories. He is also known for his promotion and use of psychedelics and other mind-altering substances (and to a lesser extent, alcohol and firearms), his anarchist views and his iconoclastic contempt for authority.