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FIRST People: Sara Lawrence

Sara Lawrence. Proud mother, former Miss Jamaica World (2006) and soon-to-be medical doctor speaks candidly to FIRST about her career and lack of sleep.

Return to the Trembling Heart: Grand Rue, Port-au-Prince

Three months after the earthquake that devastated our neighbouring island of Haiti, 22-year-old Haitian writer/filmmaker Claudel ‘Zaka’ Chery takes FIRST on a short tour around Grand Rue, a main street running through the heart of the commercial district in Port au Prince.
Zaka is part of a collective of Haitian artists who have been chosen to [...]

Sherman’s Reggae Nation

Sherman, big in farin reggae circles
Readers of this blog should by now be familiar with the wisdom of Sherman Escoffery, husband, father, jerk specialist, kite-flyer and panty importer.
Sherman doesn’t actually live here anymore – he’s in New York City – but like any other Jamaican in big foreign, that gives him the confidence to pontificate [...]

Deejay sacrifice this Easter

Dem know a nutten ’bout music, dem a computer pussy. – Ricky Trooper
While FIRST has mixed feelings about the decision of the United States to cancel the visas of some of Jamaica’s best-known entertainers the incident is also a mixed blessing. Okay, as @afflictedyard reckons, America’s behaviour maybe “fascist” and “petty” but as @BigBlackBarry was [...]

Jamaica World Cinema Showcase X The Last Don

The Jamaica World Cinema Showcase will present three movies each night, for the generous price of $1,000 (pre-sold) $1,200 at the gate. And the price includes free wine, as much as you can drink!
Beginning tomorrow the show runs for three days until Saturday at Finnigan’s Winery, 5 Cranbourne Avenue, Kingston. The event also includes the [...]