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Girl Friday…in the Sunday Observer

If you were missing FIRST’s Girl Friday this week, it was for a good reason – today’s spread in the Sunday Observer featuring Oreinthia Russell. See the rest of the images after the jump.

Perfect for Jamaican roads: the AK-47-proof BMW X5

Available from Stewart Motors, Jamaica’s official BMW importers:
The risk of armed violence – and in particular, attack with automatic weapons like the AK-47 – is a fact of everyday life for certain customers. In response to this threat, a new level of vehicle security is required. At the same time, more and more people want [...]

10 things from FIRST you missed but shouldn’t…

That was really the whole point of FIRST, a chance to show what we in Jamaica should already know, that apart from picking coconuts and murdering each other there remains some other stuff worth talking about and some pretty weird stuff.
Once in print and in-between online there’s a few things you may have missed [...]

Girl Friday: Sabina

Sabina. Photographed March 11, 2010 with her new agent Danielle at First Studio, Kingston.
Represented by (876) 575-1459

Girl Friday: The Quiet Racquel Jones

Photographed June 2009 in Kingston. This set featuring the beautifully beligerent Jamaican poet, writer and reluctant model is called ‘The Quiet’ for a reason: just try telling Jones to be quiet and you’ll see what we mean.