The Man in Black: Unseen photographs

Johnny Cash used to have a home in Jamaica, by the Rose Hall Estate in St James, where he wrote the song about the far, far badder Annie Palmer.

These black and whites spent 45 years stuck in the archives of Columbia Records and then in the attic of the widow of photographer Marvin Koner.

Just before Cash made it big.

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Source: The Guardian


The Random Red Door

Standing near the intersection of Church and Chambers street in Manhattan, I noticed a bright brick wall and a old door that obviously hadn’t been used in years. It’s about 6 in the afternoon and the sun is going down, casting shadows on everything, except for the red door and about ten feet of sidewalk on either side of it.

Everyone that walks in front of the door seemingly appears from the darkness, moving quickly through a sort of ready-made picture frame; random, oblivious, and perfectly lit by intense orange light.


Alexander Bustamante’s amazing revolutionary afro, 1953

They made Busta Chief Minister of Jamaica and just nine years later in 1962, we got Independence. With this hair, the British had no choice.

After travelling the world, including working as a policeman in Cuba and as a dietician in a New York City hospital, he returned to Jamaica in 1932 and became a leader of the struggle against colonial rule. He first brought himself to public attention as a writer of letters to the Daily Gleaner newspaper.

An interesting life…