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Not another Jamaican t-shirt, by seen.

Superficially, Jamaicans and Germany are an unlikely combination. But then the Germans could do with a bit of colour and unpredictability and we just need to buy things that work… like BMWs (that test the very limits of vehicle suspension), or free t-shirts from our good German friends at seen.

Jamaica has a new telecomms monopoly – claims MiPhone

When Digicel arrived to break-up the lousy Cable & Wireless monopoly we all cheered. And now, “I can badly hear what your saying…my credit just ran out!”
All along MiPhone has been a sleepy third place company. But that was until the world’s second richest man Carlos Slim of America Movil (AMX) – Bill Gates is [...]

Simmering with petty rage and spitefulness, this archive of warning signs that your roommate may be a timebomb is an interesting look into the minds of seemingly normal humans, just before they explode and run out into the street shooting people with automatic weapons.
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E10 ethanol gasoline coming to Jamaica, finally, really?

Jamaica’s energy policy works like this: Say you’re going to do something, take years thinking about it, set a date, miss that deadline, miss the next one, then decide…actually this isn’t appropriate for Jamaica. Long overdue: E10 ethanol gasoline. Proof at the pumps expected mid-2009.
Hybrid cars also in Jamaica…not cheap though.
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Source: Jamaica Observer

You’re on You Tube! (Well…the court case at least)

A court has ordered You Tube to hand over records of every video ever watched on the site, including users’ names and IP addresses – i.e. YOU. Viacom, which is suing owners Google, wants the data to prove the popularity of copyrighted material and increase their legal liability.
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Source: Wired