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Jamaican cable: An industry like no other

More weird happenings in Jamaican Cable World. End result: more Flow customers are not getting the service they are paying for.


Former customers of Jamaica Amalgamated Cable Systems (JACS) have complained about loosing service. Meanwhile the company is preventing Flow from accessing their offices to do anything about it, reports RJR.

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Jamaican Cable Turf Wars: Allied cable crew barricade themselves from Flow crew attack

tv.pngLooks like its not just the disenfranchised who engage in garrison-like behaviour in Jamaica, according to this hilarious news item from RJR.

According to the report, the Allied Cable crew plugged out Flow’s equipment, effectively interrupting service to thousands of customers. Flow then retaliated by running to the cops who had to help flush the Allied crew out of the barricaded offices on Washington Boulevard.

Now there’s a good use of our strained police resources.

More on what caused this HERE