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Anti-corruption in Jamaica and Dougie Chamber’s death

What is Jamaica doing, asks the Economist magazine. After all corruption has been draining this country. The new government made it a central theme of their election campaign and so Dougie Chambers was given his remit at JUTC: Remove padded staff and stop them stealing fares. He got killed for it.

Is there hope for us, at all? But as the Economist noticed about the local private sector, their spineless offer of a US$7,000 reward won’t take us very far.

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Source: The Economist

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Shock news: WWE wrestling star is a fake Jamaican

We know pro-wrestling is staged but did nobody realise his twang sounded, a little African

White people in those rasta hats is one thing, but this guy… Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah is keeping up the act despite his mother confirming he’s from Ghana.

Already with a nice desk job in the US ‘Kofi Kingston’ knew wrestling was for him the day he walked into a wrestling school and changed his suit for yellow wrestling briefs.

Definitely NOT Jamaican.

Suddenly this seems so much less offensive…

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Some old newsreel footage – ‘Our Jamaican Problem’

“Already their coming has caused a national controversy but one point must always be borne in mind, whatever our feelings we cannot deny them entry for all are British citizens and as such are entitled to the identical rights of any member of the Empire.”

Windrush-era news footage with the narrator in Part I doing his best to educate British viewers, in his own very British way. Part II, filmed after the Notting Hill race riots in 1958 sees a white reporter interviewing black people while a black reporter gets the white point of view (we don’t like darkies).

Watch Part I HERE
Watch Part II HERE