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VIDEO: How Jamaica produces the world’s best on track

With the Olympics this summer and Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt vying for each other’s 100m record…let’s just say it’s a good time for Jamaica.

It’s about how this island of less than than 3 million people can be able to dominate at world level, despite limited resources but with innovate coaching methods.

Look USA Track & Field, No drugs!

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Tonnes of cocaine seized on the way to Mexico

Five tonnes of cocaine have been seized in Panama and Mexico. Panama has seized a total of 11 tonnes in the past 30 days while the Mexican government has been forced to deploy 30,000 troops in recent times now that drug traffickers have got too much for police…a bit like Jamaica.

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Photograph: Reuters

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Ready fi’ some more ‘hembarassment’?

tv1.jpgWhen one considers the current state of Jamaica’s school system – a system that once gave our young migrants a distinct advantage in classrooms overseas, particularly in the areas of reading and comprehension – it boggles the mind to think that our own news media is complicating the problem by broadcasting the news in patois.

But amazingly, its true.

Now, while its clear that the programming geniuses at CVM-TV are probably under some pressure to attract viewers back from their competitors (a couple of hard drives that repeat dancehall videos 24 hours a day), concerned Jamaicans should be reminded that they also broadcast on the Internet for all to see, thereby making this sort of embarrassment a little harder to deny for the typical Jamaican traveller. Continue reading