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Cuba and Jamaica best friends again – where's Uncle Sam?

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Hosting a delegation from the Jamaican government, Cuba has declared relations between the two countries to be at a high point. Kind of interesting given that its the JLP that’s in power here and that they are historical opposed to Fidel Castro, a big friend of the opposition PNP.

So what does that say about: (i) Cuba’s ongoing liberalisation and (ii) the declining influence of the United States in the Caribbean?

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0 thoughts on “Cuba and Jamaica best friends again – where's Uncle Sam?

  1. I wonder how many dollars in Jamaican assets the castro regime stole in the 1960s. It was over $1 billion at the time for the U.S.

    It’s easy to “have relations” with Cuba when you don’t have any skin in the game.

    How many of Cuba’s 2 million refugees currently live in Jamaica?

    Where do most Cubans wish they could live? Jamaica or the U.S.

    Who really has influence?

    Don’t kid yourselves.

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