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Does anyone in Jamaica actually drink this?

Last year, gay rights groups in the United States chose this as one of the Jamaican products to boycott. Meantime, we don’t know anybody who drinks this local product, locally. Everyone drinks Appleton Special but getting advanced in years means we can appreciate that overproof rum, which, while it may be a lot stronger, still leaves you with a much cleaner hangover in the morning. But then, none of us looks this suave either…


0 thoughts on “Does anyone in Jamaica actually drink this?

  1. king man says:

    Yes, but mostly older folk. My father-in-law to be introduced me to it. I’m a die hard Appleton drinker (only V/X or older however), and if I’m going for a rum and coke, I’d use this as an alternative since it mixes quite well. If I’m having my rum straight up, then Appleton it is.

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