FIRST is looking for you fit birds

You may have noticed – well, you really should have noticed – that beautiful Jamaican women have been a staple of FIRST, from when we started as a print magazine, right up to today: Candice McCalla X Lime Cay.

The way it usually works is that women, who often are not full-time models, contact us directly. Or every now and again, we find them ourselves.

We’re not a model agency and we don’t have a dodgy TV show. We’re not even seedy model talent scouts. We just take photographs.

Why you’d want you to be photographed is really your business. Our business, however, is solely to ensure you and the photograph look good, good enough to be published here.

As for your modeling career, should you become one of the lucky few; well, that’ll be down to the whim of some dude in too-tight pants…not us.



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