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FIRST People: Devon Gordon's art of extreme patience

Artist Devon Gordon. Photography: Biggy Biggz

Driving through Arnett Gardens we noticed a long stretch of graffiti on one side of Greenwich Park Road. Glancing across to the other side we glimpsed this amazing mural, maybe 40-foot long, and stretching from one side of a building to the other.

That being a lazy day we’d actually been filling time looking for new murals south of Cross Roads and found nothing. But this was something else: made of blocks, the wall hadn’t just been painted but the shapes and faces also hand-carved into it.

While we stared at it like tourists, artist Devon Gordon soon appeared; chisel and sandpaper in hand. Despite his talents, Gordon remains unemployed and so lacks the funds he needs to buy the remaining paint.

“Could be done in a couple of months,” he shrugged.

But as he already explained, the 36-year-old artist hasn’t exactly been rushed in his work. He claims to have started the work as a 20-year-old, ‘as just a frame’ before one fateful afternoon when he decided to preach on a street corner in neighbouring Jones Town.

“When me done the place nearly tear down with lightening and thunder and me just come back and start,” he explained. “All of the great men who preach good thoughts throughout the world: black people and from every nation.”

But after painting the wall he changed his mind. Perhaps naturally as someone who usually works as a carpenter-woodcarver he began adding counters to his paintingsā€¦and then started painting it all again.

“History man, history,” he said admiring his work.

We hope he finishes.

Anyone interested in hiring Devon can contact him at: 967-3481


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