7 thoughts on “FIRST People: Sara Lawrence

  1. Edgar says:

    A stunningly beautiful woman… intelligent and equally eloquent in demeanor. Yea, there are questions and speculations that shrouded her reign, but in truth… “her business is her own”. LOVE IT!!

  2. François-Dominique says:

    Sara Lawrence is much bigger than “Miss Jamaica.” In a time of so much killing and disappointment in Jamaica its nice to see that someone of this caliber is sticking around when clearly she doesn’t have to.

    She also pretty like money.

    Love these video features. Bless

  3. completely not what i expected! good to see this side of her. all i remember really are the reports of the scandal since i happened to be in JA when news of her pregnancy broke. she’s proving everybody wrong by achieving so much when all (tongue waggers at least) thought she had thrown her life away.

  4. Tameka Martin says:

    She is gorgeous, strong, an a educated Jamaican woman who i will stand beside because she made the right decision. Family comes first! I hate the rumors, why can’t people speck of the positive things.

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