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Gun crime in Jamaica got you down? Get a gun!


In this unprecedented age of violent crime in Jamaica, the idea of having something to shoot back with is becoming increasingly attractive. Consequently, a new group calling itself: Jamaica crime plan? Let us have GUNS! has appeared in Facebook land.

While some of the images in the group’s photo albums probably won’t don’t do much for improving the overall perception of people who keep M-16’s lying around, the group does make a few compelling arguments; not least of which is the spiraling Jamaican crime rate which affects everyone living on the island.

According to the group: “The Firearm Licensing Authority that exists now is better than what existed before but it still does not mean that it is not a stumbling block preventing us from owning as many firearms as we can afford, as much ammunition as we need, as high a calibre as we desire, for simply the reason that we want firearms without having to justify ownership of the weapons. Free men own guns. Slaves do not.”

Interesting. But keep in mind that once you own a gun in Jamaica your chances of being killed for something other than your cell phone will go up dramatically.

Then again, chicks love AR-15’s.

Source: Jamaica crime plan? Let us have GUNS! (Facebook)


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