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Jamaica has a new telecomms monopoly – claims MiPhone


When Digicel arrived to break-up the lousy Cable & Wireless monopoly we all cheered. And now, “I can badly hear what your saying…my credit just ran out!”

All along MiPhone has been a sleepy third place company. But that was until the world’s second richest man Carlos Slim of America Movil (AMX) – Bill Gates is poorer – bought the company.

Among other things they’re making aggressive noises about their main competitor. Oh, and they have the exclusive rights to the Apple iPhone in Jamaica, which will run on their soon-to-launch 3G network.

The Mexican owners are accusing Digicel of using ‘monopolistic’ powers to drive up the cost of calls. That’s the same cost of calls that the Irish-based company has used to fund expansion into other developing countries in the Caribbean, Latin America and Pacific regions.

So have we exchanged one monopoly in Jamaica for another? We’re too nice.

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Source: Jamaica Observer


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