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Jamaica nuff problems…by Sherman

Successive administrations have mismanaged, misappropriated and now this administration has finally sold Air Jamaica. I am disappointed but I understand the need to get rid of the national airline. It has been such a financial drain on Jamaica for so long. Why should we be angry now?

When it was alleged that the airline was being used as if it was a car service/delivery van by its executives, why weren’t we angry then? When an executive had a departing Air Jamaica return to the gate to pick up her friend, why weren’t we angry then? When Bruce Golding shuffled that executive around like a game of musical chair instead of firing her, why weren’t we angry then? Because everything in Jamaica is “no problem mon.”

We as Jamaican’s have long learnt to adapt to adversity and banded our belly when necessary. Now we are like frogs in a pot of water with the temperature slowly rising. We are now feeling the heat but it seems we lack the strength or sense urgency to jump out.

We keep recycling the same set of stale failed politicians, the same one track minded hit men police, and the same failed business executive for financial guidance. We cling to the same old way of doing things even with diminishing or no returns.

The so-called intellectuals at UWI have become aspiring dancehall kings and queens, instead of articulating solutions and mental upliftment they have started worshiping at the altar of ignorance.

For our crime problems we have had The Eradication Squad, Operation Ardent, Acid and Kingfish to name a few anti-crime initiatives over the years. We actually boast about the killer policemen we have in the Jamaica Constabulary Force and what has been our reward? Do we them need kill more people?

A friend of mine recently commented to me that the country is being run like a go-go club; appearances are enticing but the aim is to take your money, screw you and leave you to die from some rotting disease you contracted. I no longer see PNP or JLP I just see a disease slowly rotting away the fabric of a once proud, productive and progressive country.

We need help. We need a change. We need to start looking within ourselves and stop making excuses and admit that we have not seen any upward trajectory in Jamaica for a while now. We need to acknowledge that we need a long term plan.

We need new, intelligent and unselfish leadership, the PNP and JLP no longer care about us.

We need real moral leadership as the religious leaders have failed us.

We need a new police force as the current one is no better than the gunmen; and sometimes they are the gunmen that hunt us.

Look around you, there are absolutely no plans for the country’s future being put forth by the political leaders. They are too busy protecting their political henchmen and figuring out new ways to tax the citizens with nothing reciprocated in return.

When are we going to stop saying “Jamaica no problem” and stand up like Paul Bogle? The country can’t even efficiently deliver water, which is a natural resource. How are we going to move forward without the basic necessity of water? I was in home in Jamaica during 2008 and there was always water lock off and there was no drought then. We have become too lackadaisical in our demands and have lowered the bar until it is now on the ground. It seems that we no longer care. When will there be a push back against political incompetence, political ignorance, the wave of violence and the state sponsored terrorists we call a police force?

In a 1973 speech, Former Prime Minister Michael Manley said “Change is the willingness to look at your system and have the courage to know what is wrong.”

Jamaica we need change, then we need a revolution.

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0 thoughts on “Jamaica nuff problems…by Sherman

  1. 1foot a yard, n the other foot inna farin says:

    totally agree with your article, the government are the ones to be blame for running the country like a hood go-go club . They sold Air Jamaica, so whats next to be sold? the country n the name itself (JAMAICA) is next on the list.. I personally think if changes arent implemented SOON the country will become the “new Hiati”…

    I tink we need independent help, Jamaica government is too corrupt and selfish to come up new ideas that will benefit the citizens and the country on a whole.

    Perhaps, when/If Golding turn over dudus, then he can negotiate a deal wid the USA, which may involve how to run a developing country. BUt u kno the USA gonna want much more than dudus… there is NO OIL in jamaica. But we have nuff Ganja. ..

    Recently few States, including the state i reside (NJ) legalize medical marijuana. and alot more states are slowly adopting this bill… so we can trade weed for help??? idk…or the JA govt can just sell Jamaica n dun..i mean jamaica is now a “Small America” …yea, they’re more Americanize than Jamaicanize!…so sad :(

    btw. Sherman mi love your articles :) keeep up the good work. Also i love the banter between u @afflictedyard n @bigblackbarry on twitter, u guys make mi DWL.

  2. datniggasherman says:

    Just waiting to get my American Passport and hope they don’t deport me to that political hell hole the use to call paradise.

  3. Sherman, well said it couldn’d have been put better than you have articulated. My only suggestion is, as young educated professionals we all have a duty our motherland to step forward and be the agents of change. Do we have the fortitude and resliance in spirit to do what has never been done before? We can either keep scrarching the surface or pick up el and a shovel and start digging.

  4. kris in philly says:

    i like your article but you need more historical context.

    in my opinion, a student of jamaican history and politics, the self pride days were Michael Manley insisting on independence and not relying on foreign investors and interests so much… this arguement was ruined by the Seaga regime who endorsed bush/reagan economics in the 80’s…its been downhill ever since. ever since Jamaica let the foreign investment and interests into the country they have less and less controll over their own destiny due to IMF debts.

    it comes down to IMF and debt. if you in debt (on the scale of jamaica) you do not call your own shots…someone else does. devalue dollar, interest rates on loans, amount of imported goods, using foreign products in farming, mono-crop exports, the list goes on….

    Jamaica needs to re-establish the spirit of Manley, independence, self reliance, and self pride. no small task in the era of MTV and BET that corrupt the minds of the youth and value material items more than intellect. a serious cross-roads yet one that can not be controlled by ‘sound bytes’ but needs a real educated discussion and a view of the long term for Jamaica.

    but what do i know, i’m a white boy in philadelphia…who used to study jamaica alot in college…and Ja’s history of rebellion, maroons, and Paul Bogle… the message was clear what Bogle was fighting for, now days the message is cloudy and manipulated by politicians and gangsters alike.

    Kris aka DJ Uni-T
    http://www.myspace.com/unityboomshots the good old myspace page
    http://www.youtube.com/lonestarsound415 90 High Def. videos i filmed

    i do a radio show every friday http://www.lonestarsound.podomatic.com

  5. Nicky-Ann Henry says:

    Man what a headline, this is called focusing on Jamaica’s path to the tee. For the most part i’ll press on the water issue man that is so true, and i quote “Jamaica land of water” hey come on they do not care and definitely they are in this for there own benefit’s. But believe it or not no matter what they do, they cannot put our beautiful country to the ground, our God bless country for they too will pass away. Respect on this Mr. Sherman.

  6. Your analogy with the frogs is well taken and quite apropos. Indeed, we are definitely behaving like frogs in a pot of water with the temperature slowly rising. And, of course, we are now feeling the relentless heat. But, it seems as a nation, we lack the strength, understanding, courage, or sense of urgency to jump out of the darn pot. Certainly, and unquestionably, the problems of Jamaica are OVERWHELMINGLY NUMEROUS. NUFF, NUFF PROBLEMS as you rightly contend, and apparently, many of these problems are intractable. Undoubtedly, a SISYPHEAN nightmare for most Jamaicans.

  7. Paul Distant says:

    Sherman this is a very good blog, Congrats. I’m so sad about the state of affairs in Jamaica and there seems to be no end in sight. Sometimes I get angry at the system in American but looking on now at what’s happening in Jamaica ,I feel blessed to be here. Sadly I remember my 7 grade teacher Ms. Brown and a poem she taught us I SHALL RETURN by Claude McKay. It speaks of Jamaica in his childhood and how simple and great life was back then. Can I return Sherman??? Will these cool streams and soothing music greet me???? Or will I be robbed and killed.

    The music is awful and disrespectful. I heard Movada making reference to sex and in the same breathe was comparing his sexual exploits to God and the church. How dare you MAVADO!!!! How dare you!!!!!!! The society is literally lost and the good is now suffering for the bad. I’m so disappointed In Bruce Golding and his defence of this Don man.

    President when you were making your money and killing people I never benefitted nor would I have chosen to. I worked for my living and you stole ,robbed and extorted for your’s. You are a common criminal in a sea of other criminals and Jamaica needs justice. Like the others before you will be judged by God. Like your brother , father and other dreds of society you will be dealt your portion in due time.

    If you want to be different you should denounce violence scrap your gang and be a good example to the kids of Jamaica .Then and only then will you be decent PUNK!!!!! Uncle Sam always gets his man ,just remember that you cannot escape. Bruce your days are numbered in the eyes of the decent Jamaican people and sadly enough we have no viable opposition. Very sad indeed, Ill close with these words from Claude McKay a decent Jamaican who added value to his country.

    I shall return again; I shall return
    To laugh and love and watch with wonder-eyes
    At golden noon the forest fires burn,
    Wafting their blue-black smoke to sapphire skies.
    I shall return to loiter by the streams
    That bathe the brown blades of the bending grasses,
    And realize once more my thousand dreams
    Of waters rushing down the mountain passes.
    I shall return to hear the fiddle and fife
    Of village dances, dear delicious tunes
    That stir the hidden depths of native life,
    Stray melodies of dim remembered runes.
    I shall return, I shall return again,
    To ease my mind of long, long years of pain

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