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Jamaican creativity + BMW R1200S = The Scorpion

Imagine sitting in traffic here in Kingston and suddenly you notice this thing pull up beside you?


If you’re like most Kingstonians, the sudden appearance of such a machine, no matter how great the design, is not the sort of thing that one typically looks forward to seeing in this country.

On the other hand, this is a modified BMW R1200s that still has its front faring and maybe even licence plates. It’s got a girl on the back (wearing absolutely nothing resembling proper motorcycle safety gear), and thankfully, you don’t have any upcoming court dates that might give you a reason to consider diving out your passenger-side window.

On the contrary, this is no ordinary Jamaican motorcycle modification (eg. replacing the 1000cc sticker with a 600cc sticker), but the work of a Jamaican-owned company called CANJAMOTO (Canadian Jamaican Motorsports) which is based in Toronto.

The 410-pound customised bike dubbed ‘The Scorpion’ was conceptualised by Jamaican designer Richard Minott when he started it as a drawing in 1993 while attending the Ontario College of Art. According to Minott, the goal of of CANAMOTO is to create motorcycles that have the presence and feel of exotic cars.

We think he’s succeeded

The Scorpion has no gauges and all information to the rider is provided via a heads-up display, though a variety of windscreens which will be available to match your bulletproof cape and anti-gravity boots.

Street and racing models will be available in 2008 and the turbo version is said to produce 160 horsepower at the rear wheel, so the girls have to hang on real tight…proper.

Visit the CANJAMOTO homepage:



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