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Jamaica's drought reveals more than a water problem

Like the rest of us you’re likely struggling with the current drought: bathing from water bottles and negotiating with water truck drivers. All at great cost and annoyance.

While we can’t blame the government for failing to deliver showers of blessings – that’d be El Niño – there’s no doubt that successive administrations have failed to implement proper water management.

We may continue to pray on the weekends but as this video from observes, maybe we could spend the weeks actually doing something about it. Y’know, take action for ourselves, not just jump up and down in green and orange shirts?

Meantime water threatens to be just another resource we’ve allowed to run to waste while blaming outside influences only – in this case the weather – while refusing to do anything but talk, blame and defer responsibility.

Just so long as there’s always another party to go to…


8 thoughts on “Jamaica's drought reveals more than a water problem

  1. Monique says:

    Other Caribbean islands are suffering the same fate. Does this mean its the politicians fault?

    (not picking up for them, just asking)

  2. Theonick says:

    When Jamaica turns out to be the most affected of the islands affected ! yes it would be a Government fault, in addition to that please do not state the factor of population difference, because infrastructure should not be lesser than population needs.

  3. datniggasherman says:

    Great video and to the point, Jamaican people need to start becoming angry at both political administration and calling them out and holding them responsible and demanding better or get rid of them. Jamaica is not short of water, the water is just being badly mismanaged like everything else in the country. whomever the guy is that is doing the commentary we need some more video’s like that, to wake the people up. The regular media has also failed like the government.

  4. this is crazy says:

    i agree with you wholeheartedly thanks for sharing and enlightening the public on the severiTy of the water crisis in Jamaica. this is SERIOUS..

    i am flabbergasted that the goverment havent invested in proper technology to purify and provide a basic need as water for their citizens.most importantly, i am even more shocked that the citizens of jamaica who sits back and accept this sort of treatment from the ppl they voted for…..come on ppl. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!!!!….

    *WATER, FOOD, AIR…are the basic needs to survival. IF THESE NEEDS arent met, everything else is SECONDARY!!!! but i guess partying from monday – sunday, and watching cable is more significant for jamaicans!

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