Jamaica's great hypocritical outrage

Jamaica has become a violent and heartless country where most people have become desensitised to things that would make people in civilised places pass out. Something is blatantly wrong but everyone goes on with their daily life like everything is fine, wake up my people and smell the stench of death around us.

We need to stop hiding behind the excuse that the person must have been involved in some kind of mix up to justify the violence that is perpetrated against them. This is the excuse we use to reassure ourselves that things are not as bad as it seems. Some will wait for a general feel good march or some kind of PR feel good stunt that makes uptown people go back home feeling like they have done their part in curbing the violence…

After the apparent attempted assassination of Oneil Edwards from the group Voicemail the other day, the emotional bandwagonists were out in full force on Facebook, Twitter and the other social media. There were people gathering in Half-Way-Tree and outside Kingston Public Hospital.

I am truly sorry for Oneil, I do not know him personally but my anger is the same for any innocent hard working person who is gunned down by these animals. I however will not be a part of the hypocrisy that the music and media fraternity is promoting.

Where was their anger and sympathy when two children were brutally murdered last week? Where was the mourning and condemnation for the assassination for Dennis Hamilton, soon after he participated in exposing alleged fraud at the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica? This man died for an honourable cause and all he got was three sentences written about him in one of the major newspapers, yet we give coverage to any dribble these entertainers utter?

We are a hypocritical set of people and I am waiting for Beenie Man and company’s self-satisfying musical tributes to come out. The usual suspects, including the Minister of Culture will do the media walk and talk; The church will jump in with calls for various peace marches, the talk shows will have the usual rhetoric and the calls for the death penalty, then finally the ultimate cry of “Bring Back Adams!”.

We have seen it already. STOP!

When the nation is appalled at student athletes being denied visa’s to participate at the Penn Relays but not a blip when women and children and viciously being raped and murdered every single day, something is definitely wrong with our priorities. Jamaica’s murder rate for 2010 is about four-and-a-half persons per day and people who have lived in civilised country are supposed to move back to that?

I think about my uncle who was so optimistic about the formation of the National Democratic Movement and the prospect of being a part of a new movement in Jamaica, that illusion was quickly erased when a gun was stuck in his face at the entrance to his home in Meadowbrook with his two children in his car that the gunmen wanted.

My uncle now lives happily outside of Toronto in a place that he calls civilised and has no plans to move back to Jamaica, This was a man who swore that his son had to follow in his footstep and go to his alma mater in Jamaica. I use to think he was a sellout but now I realise that he just saw the decay through very clear eyes.

I am angry, angry that I need more fingers than I have to count the number of friends and acquaintances that have been brutally murdered in Jamaica in the past 15 years. I am scared for my family that still live in Jamaica because it can be any one of them the next time. Some people are going to be offended but I don’t care if I can get some kind of movement going. The night is turning to day and eventually a lot of you same hypocrites will have to run away because some of you are the breeders, supporters and instigators of these murderers.

I am suggesting that we start having an intelligent national conversation, without the ignorant rhetoric amongst ourselves to find solutions to this murderous cancer that is devouring our country. Time and history has proven that violence against violence has not worked and Senior Superintendent Renato Adams is not our saviour.

It is time to make real demands for action from our failed MPs that have been cuddling and serving gunmen and criminals instead of creating a safe atmosphere for business to strive. Full support must be given but pressure must be kept on our new police commissioner to be vigilant in his drive to arrest and eliminate the criminals in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Finally, everyone has to make a serious call for Prime Minister Bruce Golding to resign because he has deserted his leadership of the country to serve the interest of his garrison.

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34 thoughts on “Jamaica's great hypocritical outrage

  1. Anika says:

    “attempted assassination” oh really? Let me borrow from Chris Rock, that dude got shot. I agree with everything else.

  2. Ronique says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself…..JA needs a REAL revolution, and everyone needs to stop acting like they can’t do anything about it and decide that we’re gonna kick JLP out ourselves…. and send a message to these government officials that they answer to US…The people that have worked to get the country to where it is….

  3. jeremy says:

    Yes ronique, let us kick JLP out and replace them the the SAME people who were in power for nearly 2 decades and helped cause this problem…yes lets do that, that makes complete sense.
    Rather that replacing people, we should focus on holding leaders accountable, switching them around will not work and has never worked.

  4. monewillo says:

    @jeremy r u for real…. how u gonna hold leaders accountable if when they loose their credibility they still remain in control…huh!?!

  5. Alexander Delapenha says:

    Jeremy’s got the right idea, i think.
    Truth is it doesnt matter who’s in power, politicians are going to look for power, no matter how noble or evil their intentions. In a democracy it’s the job of the people (i’m pretty sure that’s what “poli” means) to scrutinise and hold accountable those in power. Because no one with power is to be trusted to do the right thing.

  6. Tish says:

    What have Jamaica gone to? Your answer -Criminality of every kind! What will do about it? Not much as a country, sad, but, very true. Those who can leave will leave, and those who can’t, will stay and continue to suffer in fear or die in fear.

    Lovely article, I am in agreement with you 100%. You have said what many fear to say; when you stand up for the right things in life you will have a few real supporters, but, when you stand up for the wrong, you will get far more supporters than you would have imagined. I hope you will continue to stand up.

  7. weasel says:

    thanks, i been thinking pretty much the same when i read all the numerous tweets from all kind of entertainment/industry guys. so hypocritical.

  8. Heather says:

    It really is sad that the PM finally says that he sanctioned the Manatt Phillips Phelps thing after all this time . This is clearly not leadership that will take a country forward in other places the PM would have resigned but if that were to happen we would be back to square one as the other side cannot and has proven it cannot lead

  9. mackster says:

    Man the solution is the issue. We using kerosene to out fire. Either party cant be the solution. Fresh blood MAY be a way out. But as my grandmother say birds of a feather flock together. The young ones that are ABLE to be in power are at the moment being formally introduced to the way things ARE done. Hence, we have a never ending cycle. I was apart of a parish council and i posed the question to the mayor, “what are the steps to becoming a Prime Minister?” The mayor froze and then said be apart of a dominant political party. Now if u have to be apart of a party that means u have to agree with their runnings.

    In the event u want to start somn new then u have the task of telling the people who THINK the only way they are to live longer is to give up their understanding of survival (which is to follow the politician get a food when money a run) and follow your concept which will mean sacrifice to the point of possible death.

    I think CANCER is the way to describe the crime situation in Jamaica, and until there is a way to CURE this cancer we shall never come to a place of resolution.

    Hint: only way to CURE cancer is kill the antibodies affected so as not to spread to other areas that arent affected.

  10. Rese says:

    I do understand your comments however, I believe that why the outrage is that people heard about Oneil. I personally don’t watch the news much and I receive this message on my bb. I don’t think it’s hypocrisy. lets leave the judgement and pull together. At this point my heart goes out to all, and wish we could find a way to take back our country.

  11. Namigo says:

    And this empty rhetoric of blustering outrage, pointing fingers and screaming revolution from the largely ABSENT masses nestled in the “safety” of “civilization” is part of the usual hypocrisy as well.

    Don’t get me wrong I agree with a lot of whats been said. Its just that Ive heard it before. And the next time something like this happens again I sure Ill hear it again.

    Just tired of all the righteous and ultimately impotent rage.
    Solutions and action are what is needed.

  12. Great and critical article. The lack of reflection in the media is both a symptom and driver of the rot in our larger society. I am as madd as hell and we all have to get pissed and act to roll back this insanity.

    Agree with and Jeremy. Accountability is overdue.

  13. Sherman Escoffery says:

    Namigo: well solutions then action, action without without solution is ignorance that usually leads to senseless violence, so what are your suggestions for a solution?

  14. Lasonic TRC-931 says:

    yeah Namigo, complaining about the complaining will sure help too…

    instead of re-complaining maybe you should take your own advice and post up some ‘solutions and actions’ you deem necessary…

  15. ishena says:

    as dead prez says: “freedom ain’t gon’ come til we regulate it”. we are a nation of hypocrites and cowards, and we are all allowing ourselves to be cowed and systematically disposed of like we are not human beings. its sickening and terrifying and disheartening. call me when we’re ready to take a stand.

  16. Peta says:

    What we need is to submit to God. He has promised us in His word “…If MY PEOPLE who are called by MY NAME will HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY and SEEK MY FACE and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, then will I HEAR FROM HEAVEN and HEAL their land. Draw near to God and He’ll draw near to you.

  17. Munique says:

    Question to all those who were and will be convicted enough to comment: Who has a proactive solution to Jamaica’s problem? We all want to “take back OUR country” and hold someone responsible, but how many of us actually have a plan of action to implement?

  18. RasTafari Souljah says:

    @ Peta~ you are right… God alone can help us, no man in a babylon system who is selfserving of those in his income class, dem just divide & rule … educated fools pon ego trip.. Giddeon time here, see de heathen rage, but weh dem ago run? brimstone and hellfire soon cleanse de earth.. Best to seek the ways of the most high and yes Peta, humble thyselves, De Amighty run tings nuh man.. Warmongers and Evil heart shall eat ashes fi dinner, Children a de most high with clean hearts fear no evil … resting in de shadow of de Almighty still caring and sharing… Selassie I teachings & speeches ring true today same as yesterday, RasTafari Love we seh… Teach de yute de truth.. Selah~

  19. Layman's Terms says:

    The first question i asked myself when i hear of Oneil’s shooting via blackberry was what makes him so special. Why is he anymore deserving of our prayers than all the other innocent people who die everyday. I also in some way thought the artists vigil to be hypocritical in a sense , fine if they say its their friend and colleague but it would have taken no more effort to come out and denounce the crime and violence if for no other reason than defending the children. Many of theses artists are the ones producing the music promoting and glorifying this way of life, and now that one of their songs have come full circle how are we now the ones left with the charge to pray for his well being, yet i pray. Not for him as an artist but for the life of another JAMAICAN to be spared.
    Its really hard to think that our country has really been reduced to this. The pawn of two political parties who’s clear intention in my opinion is to further their own interests to whatever end the country meets.
    It is time for our citizens to become organized and be more vocal and vigilant in making our points be heard lest they start shooting politicians next….. Should we be so lucky…

  20. Angry Man says:

    I think u guys should look for a real solution here on earth and not seek salvation through any religion. Religions poisons all as well and didn´t help any society to develop, but rather hold them back. And Jamaica has too much religion, which leads to a lot of hypocritical behaviour. I was a social worker (white man) living down in AngolaPark and teaching children down in Trenchtown. I´ve seen the suffering, the guns and a lot of violence. Police being violent, husbands being violent towards their women in broad daylight etc… And all the clergymen I got to know down there ( even if their heart may be in the right place) contribute to many problems…Look at people like Father Lung Ho…..
    Jamaica should overcome dualistic thinking, worsened by religious institutions, wise up, try to understand the mechanism controlling the people and educate themselve. And above all, start being honest…No disrespect, I rellay love Jamaica and many people there, but I don´t really feel like returning, especially to Kingston….

  21. Gelede says:

    While many will agree with the analysis that you put out here, and the various blindspots that we have developed over time, I am going to point out something to you:

    YOU are acting in the same way that everyone else is right now: wid dem han pan dem head a bawl WOOOEEEIIIII! A WHA’ JAMAICA COME TO?!” etc. etc. etc. Except, you get to do it from this lovely blogspace created by SOMEONE ELSE who has chosen to create this medium to make space for new ideas.

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING? If YOU do not take leadership on speaking to the issues that bother you most, then you really can’t expect that anyone will hear you any more than they are listening to the others. I’ll give you an example from you post above:

    “I am suggesting that we start having an intelligent national conversation, without the ignorant rhetoric amongst ourselves to find solutions to this murderous cancer that is devouring our country.”

    Well? Who you expecting to get up and do it just because you “suggest” it? What you think this is: you come up with a brilliant idea, snap yuh finger and the maid of social change comes running to do your bidding?

    “It is time to make real demands for action from our failed MPs that have been cuddling and serving gunmen and criminals instead of creating a safe atmosphere for business to strive.”

    Ok? What dat mean? What you think that should or could look like in a concrete way?

    “Full support must be given but pressure must be kept on our new police commissioner to be vigilant in his drive to arrest and eliminate the criminals in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.”

    Again, wha dat mean? How you think that should happen? What you doing to help get that started?

    “Finally, everyone has to make a serious call for Prime Minister Bruce Golding to resign because he has deserted his leadership of the country to serve the interest of his garrison.”

    So whe’h di phone number deh fi people call? Whe’h di address dem fi people write or show up?

    Sherman: you sounding just like all the others that you criticising, full of nuff words and “shoulds” but still waiting for someone else to act so you can follow their lead. Have a little courage with your cappuccino and maybe you can move from this immobilizing rant stage to a more mindful and proactive stance. Many others also waiting to follow your lead.

  22. Jamaican says:

    It is time we stop pointing fingers at the politicians, the police etc. We have to look in the mirror. As long as we keep blaming one side or the other for the our current situation we are passing the buck. The criminals get away with their murderous actions everyday, because they know that they can count on us to fight amongst ourselves about why act in the way they do..and while we debate they do what they want.

    The problem is not the politicians, it is not the corrupt police force. It is us. We tolerate these killers in our midst, we nurture them and teach them to always look out for themselves alone, we teach them to hate each other for whatever reason..uptown, downtown, rich, poor. We teach them to disrespect each other out of a misguided sense of standing up for themselves. You cannot have a conversation or say anything to the average young Jamaican without getting a good tracing. We have taught our people that whatever someone else has it is because they have lie and steal to get it..then we wonder why they want to be liers and thieves. We have to get a hold of our conversations. We live with the Jamaica that we all created.

    We promote a Jamaica where the rule of law is only for the fool. Where we get on the radio and television and advise each other not to follow a rule and governance coming from a political party that we do not like. Not to pay taxes because it is only going to support the corrupt etc, etc, and when the teachers cannot get paid and the nurses stay home we encourage them to take to the streets..when will we grow up! We have to act like citizens and not like unhappy slaves on the plantation.

  23. patrice says:

    The only way God can help us , is if we all accept that his way is the way. So talking and praying without works won’t help anything, Its just like during slavery , the slaves sat down and prayed and nothing happened until people start revolt. God helps those who helps themselves. Whether we want to believe it or not Jamaica needs a LEADER. A leader who is charismatic,can set an example and who is not tied to garrison politics. I hope now Jamaicans realize that the PNP and JLP is crap . So as a generation are we ready to change and move on and improve then lets find someone who is brave and smart and genuine. But saying all that as a country we are so fickle , make sure when he or she comes out to us we support him and expect the best from him . The time is now
    I do believe GOD has a hand in this and he is making sure that we all see that the status quo is not working and Jamaica is his blessed island so we need to love it as much as he does .

  24. Aleya says:

    I am so happy to see this blog post, it really makes me happy. I was born in Jamaica, left when I was 8 years old to live in the US and then France and came back at age 13. I’ve never experienced a bigger culture shock than when I had to live in a country that I was supposed to call home and yet felt nothing but shock and horror at most of the attitudes and ideas that were considered normal. I now live in Belgium and I feel so at home and happy – I cannot imagine ever having to live in Jamaica again. I have so many hopes and dreams for that place and yet I hate it because if there is one thing that disgusts me it’s wasted potential, and Jamaica seems to have made a concerted effort to waste its potential away in petty, uncivilised ways. My mother, however, lives there and works in the government which makes both of us unhappy.
    She started her job with so much optimism that I thought of as foolhardy. I was very sad to be proven right. Jamaica needs more than a few good people to help it back on the right track. The country is technically in a state of civil based on the murder rate. I’m of the firm opinion that it will only get worse.

  25. anika says:

    every jamaican needs to take responsibility for the country’s problems..those persons who buy their licences, those who run red lights, bribe police officers, throw trash through the bus windows, those who accept money from their criminal sons, boyfriends, brothers etc, those who buy their visas..the seeds of corruption have taken rooted in all areas of our lives-our home, schools, workplace and churches–we need to start uprooting from these areas…the PM’s resignation will not be enough

  26. Jan says:

    civilised countries???…r u for real dude..c’mon surely you and your uncle might be living in developed countries with more resources that are larger where crime is less apparent but don’t make the sad mistake in thinking these countries are more civilised tham Jamaica.I agree with you that jamaica is hypocritical and all the rest . I do understand what your Uncle went through as i too was a victim of a hold up in Meadowbrook.
    Only the truth will set us free.

  27. munch munch munch says:

    simple we are dumb our own governments deprive us for his or her or their own wealth. we need to search our politicians as they have searched us, search how were brought up, how they are living, who is there good neighbours, how are they with people, how they were in the past with previous neighbour’s and friends, how are they abroad with the economy, how are they with investing and building, saving money developing education and educational jobs, get acquainted in trying to speak the most popular languages, build also around the country side you will be surprise if well put together. we as a people are obviously worst than bruce goldin that piece of crap, for the things some would do has no good value to them but a few short change but it seems so because of the struggle, I have no more comments on this stupidacy in the Jamaican civilian.

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