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MySpace redesign launches Wednesday…to make some $

Despite having 118 million users Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has found MySpace to be a disappointing acquisition revenue-wise. Maybe that’s because of the epileptic fit-inducing design of the user-customised pages; and let’s face it who’d want their well-designed advertisement placed there?


Well Fox Films wants it, and will be using the MySpace homepage to promote the forthcoming Batman: Dark Knight movie when the site relaunches with a fresh design Wednesday. But then Fox Films is owned is by…News Corporation.

It begs the question that if an increasingly huge amount of us are using social networking sites to run our lives, then how come their owners haven’t figured better ways of actually turning this huge market into money?

Remember the days when people would actually go to a real-life bar, talk to each other in person and BUY drinks with real money? Thank God for Jamaica’s Third World Internet penetration – so we still know other, as real people.

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Source: New York Times


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