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Nokia 1112: The Corolla of Cellphones

You can drop it a thousand times. Bury it in the sand. Throw it at a wall. Use it as a weapon or take the back off and use it to scratch mosquito bites. It’s the Nokia 1112, a phone seemingly made for the Caribbean.

It’s cheap ($US39); comes in two colours (grey and white), but as far as phones are concerned, it’s probably the easiest to customize since it’s by far the most common phone and therefore the obvious choice for Chinese manufacturers of replacement covers. And such variety! Just try finding an Osama Bin Laden faceplate for a Blackberry Curve. Not likely.

After my sluggish (and expensive) Nokia E50 suddenly stopped working, I went out and got two Nokia 1112’s (one for each network) and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. As a matter of convenience, I recently attached Velcro to the back of each unit, stuck them together and gave them different ringtones so I know which side to answer when a call comes in.

In Kingston, where it always helps to refrain from ‘flashiness’, the Nokia 1112 is the perfect choice for the street-smart consumer who doesn’t wish to attract extra attention to themselves by walking around with a phone that costs more than some people make in a month.

Added to the deal are applications like ‘Calculator’ and ‘Snake Xenia’, though one is left wondering why Nokia chose to leave out the handy flashlight that made the predecessor to the 1112 so useful.



4 thoughts on “Nokia 1112: The Corolla of Cellphones

  1. don rolando says:

    a’ight, sounds good.but does it really stand the above stated tests? if yes I will consider getting me one too, cause I’m fed up with all a dem funky gadgets that can do everything from fotos to internet, when all you want is good quality audio for both sides of the line, and a good signal reception…

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