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Not another Jamaican t-shirt, by seen.

Superficially, Jamaicans and Germany are an unlikely combination. But then the Germans could do with a bit of colour and unpredictability and we just need to buy things that work… like BMWs (that test the very limits of vehicle suspension), or free t-shirts from our good German friends at seen.

Last Sunday Tobias Huber and Gabriel Holzner, who run seen., tipped us off about the latest version of their site, which relaunched yesterday, and a new series of Jamaica-inspired t-shirts for Spring 2011. The new site is very clean and robust (they did FIRST also), while the t-shirts themselves are subtle, relying on the strength of their graphic design. Thankfully also, no cheesy overuse of the national colours.

Our favourite from the new collection is the T above, part-inspired by the ‘everyone is a celebrity’ mentality of Kingston nightlife, no matter how overweight or rum-soaked. Nothing makes us feel better than foreign. Meantime the Germans like Jamaica just the same, explains Tobias. Just more strangely…

“There’s this one woman living in Negril hiding from German police after getting involved in the drug business a little too much, there’s this guy in Bluefields who has a weakness for Jamaican girls and who seriously asked us whether we have ‘tried out’ crack yet as it was the shit.

“And there’s that author who knows a damn lot about Jamaican history and politics who is living in Long Bay, and who spent a couple of years in prison for shooting at German police during the RAF years (Cold War-era terrorist group). He is running a guest house now. And there’s that Austrian guy training dangerous dogs in Spanish Town. Dylan also told me about German Town west of Kingston but I have never visited that place so far.”

*Now go buy a t-shirt:


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