Jamaican-inspired goods, just without the flag stuck all over it

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Good German Gabe, our friend from over there but part-educated at Edna Manley arts college here in Kingston, has built up a pretty serious client roster: from back-in-the-day FIRST Magazine to Adidas to Red Bull to GQ.

Just the other day I bought his Today is a Good Day t-shirt for Stussy. Didn’t know it was him at the time, but like his work, clear as day it has his Caribbean inspired fonts and logos and clean German lines.

Nowadays Gabe is busy designing for clients everything from record sleeves to magazine spreads. He also has his own line selling from art prints to Ts, all at not-too-silly prices. Check him out, support the niceness.



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The story of the rum that makes this face

Nick loves a snifter.

Nick loves a snifter.

Our BBC friend Nick Davis who looks a rum – or two, or three… – goes in search of “Rude to Your Parents”, a rum that’s not just strong, but has a pretty interesting story behind it.

It was late, I was tired and should really have headed to bed, but I switched TV channels one more time and stumbled on a mystery. There was a low-budget, dated programme with a British accented voiceover on air, and they were talking about reggae. My channel surfing stopped short. I was now fully awake.

via The BBC


"Am I the only person who feels sorry for Bruce?"

Probably you are I told Afflicted. On one hand Bruce Golding’s become the fall guy for decades of garrison politics from both parties but on the other hand, he did lie.

And then, our Prime Minister was the politician who famously distanced himself from garrison politics far, far over the hill with the National Democratic Movement. Well, until he wanted the top job and had to rejoin the Jamaica Labour Party to get it. Continue reading