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Perfect for Jamaican roads: the AK-47-proof BMW X5

Available from Stewart Motors, Jamaica’s official BMW importers:

The risk of armed violence – and in particular, attack with automatic weapons like the AK-47 – is a fact of everyday life for certain customers. In response to this threat, a new level of vehicle security is required. At the same time, more and more people want Sports Activity Vehicles, with all the versatility that they offer to go anywhere and do anything. BMW is the first manufacturer to respond to these two demands and offer a new degree of security. The result is the new BMW X5 Security Plus.

Integrity of joins protects the entire passenger compartment.

The unique security modifications fitted to the BMW X5 Security Plus rely on high-precision moulded parts made from a special high-strength steel and a security glass laminate approximately three centimetres thick to protect occupants against attack with automatic weapons such as the AK-47. The edges of the doors, the places where windows meet frames, and the joins between body panels are some of the most vulnerable areas of the vehicle to gunfire. But in the BMW X5 Security Plus, these areas are reinforced with steel armour, ensuring that neither bullets nor shrapnel can penetrate the passenger compartment.


The vehicle is officially certified as a complete unit. The BMW X5 Security Plus is subjected to tests which involve hundreds of rounds being fired at the finished vehicle, to ensure protection against fire from automatic weapons like the AK-47. This official certification is only given where the complete vehicle – and not just the materials used in it – has successfully stood up to the necessary ballistic tests. The armoured underbody can protect against the simultaneous detonation of two DM51 hand grenades.

Armoured glass for extra protection.

The security glazing in the BMW X5 Security Plus is made of a security glass laminate approximately three centimetres thick, with a polycarbonate coating on the inside to prevent spalling. It offers protection not just against attacks with blunt instruments and handguns, but also against the world’s most widely used firearm, the AK-47.

Run-flat Tyres.

Keep performing even when the pressure drops: run-flat tyres keep you mobile even if all tyre pressure is lost. Instead of an unpleasant and unsafe roadside tyre change, you can reach home safely or drive to the next workshop for assistance.

Run-flat tyres are their own spares: thanks to specially reinforced side walls and additional lateral strengthening, they continue to perform their function even if all air pressure is lost. The heat-resistant rubber compound is able to withstand additional heat build-up.

With run-flat tyres fitted, you can continue driving for up to 150 km at a speed of up to 80 km/h without any significant loss in vehicle stability. You not only save time and stress, you are also free of the need to carry a spare tyre, saving stowage space.

All driver assistants remain fully functional when driving with a loss of tyre pressure. The optional Adaptive Drive system redistributes the load to the other tyres, reducing the burden on the low-pressure tyre as much as possible. The wheel rims of run-flat tyres have special design that ensures the tyre will not detach from the rim, even on tight bends.

Run-flat tyres provide greater safety, more peace of mind and additional cabin space. It’s not surprising that Germany’s ADAC, the largest automobile club in the world, has described run-flat tyres as the “first important revolution in tyre design since the invention of the pneumatic tyre.”

We spoke to Stewart Motors. The only drawback is that they’ll need to have this specially manufactured. Oh…and the 2011 model above will set you back in excess of J$20 million. But then if you’re that rich it’s worth paying an extra J$10 million or more so as not to not be confused with a regular deejay or maybe a regular rich person who could only afford the J$11 million 2003 security model.

With one of these vehicles you’ll surely be the envy of all other druggists.

For more information contact Stewart Motors: 1-876-906-4BMW (269) or


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