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Police Commissioner leaves…turns off the lights?


When the crime rate gets so bad, what to do as a policeman? Quit. That’s what Commissioner of Police Hardley Lewin did yesterday following the murder of 198 Jamaicans last month. UPDATE: Today he withdrew his resignation.

Prime Minister Bruce Golding announced this afternoon that Lewin had withdrawn his resignation and has the full backing of his government in continuing in the job…

But a solution to our crime ‘problem’ – how about CRISIS! – is no nearer. Expectations had been for Lewin; as the former head of the army, people had hoped he would instill greater discipline into a police force suffering from corruption and let’s face it, poorly paid and dangerous work.

The ‘no-nonsense’ approach of the new Commissioner elicited early murmurs from the rank-and-file. Notoriously resistant to change, they missed his far more sympathetic predecessor Lucius Thomas, who unlike Lewin was a career policeman.

Just six months after he was appointed, it seems they pushed him to resign.

Today’s Clovis cartoon seems to sum up the situation. Jamaica’s political culture, which did much to stimulate the violence in the first place, cannot answer. They’d rather just chat and blame.

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