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Pond Skater Mind – new side-effect of Internet addiction

_42207552_evolution4.jpgWe can’t stress how mentally bad it is living on the Internet: diminished social intelligence, skewed sense of reality and sore eyes are just some of the sacrifices we’re making for you to read this.

It’s something we’ve posted about before, specifically how people choose to publicly air their personal lives and neuroses in public that makes regular people bring up their food e.g. Emily ‘Emily Magazine’ Gould.

Then there’s evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry’s work, from two years back. Curry predicted that an over-reliance on technology will eventually cause the human species to split into two: a genetic class and a dim-witted underclass.

We don’t know whether Curry based any of his assertions on the affects of Jamaican cable programming.

Anyway the latest term we’ve heard is that blogging is causing people to have pond-skater minds. By that means Andrew Sullivan, writing in the Times of London, bloggers are becoming a group of persons, their behaviour increasingly defined by their own ADHD, who cannot focus on any one piece of information for more than a minute or two.

(We can attest to that.)

Some people, notes Sullivan, have suggested a Web Sabbath, where people don’t do anything web-related. So no blogging, e-mailing, not even sending text messages.

And that’s why we stick with our crap Nokias for a while longer… at least until we can afford Blackberries, iPhones etc. It’s only downhill after that.

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